About me

Hello, I’m Simon Paul Woodward. I live just south of London (London, England that is … not  one of the 10 Londons in the USA, London Kiribati or 8837-London, which is an asteroid). It’s best to be precise about these things.

Before I didn’t live on an asteroid, I was born in the Midlands then studied in the North.

My accent is a mess.

I’ve written five books: two novels for young adults (All The Dead Things: Deathlings Chronicles #1 and Dead Weapons); one young-adult novella (Scrimshaw: Deathlings Chronicles #2); and two collections of dark-fantasy short stories for adults. Dead Weapons will be published by musingMonster Books in August 2017 and the two short story collections will follow in Autumn.

I love The Flaming Lips, Elbow, Patrick Ness, China Mieville, Ennio Morricine, Plan B, Max Richter, gin and bagels, but marzipan was created by the Devil (after he finished spawning brussel sprouts).

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