PrintWelcome to my new author website. It doesn’t do anything¬† whizzy like make you rich or even make you a cup of tea, but it’ll keep you up to date with all my book news – new releases, new projects, exclusive previews, free book offers and other good stuff.

Oh, there’ll be a blog too, and this’ll mix general blog type wittering with a light-hearted series of articles about the craft of writing (99.5 Golden Rules for Writing a Novel and Why You Should Ignore Them All), book reviews, book recommendations and more.

I’ve just learned that moving your domain name and web hosting can be as painful as¬† moving house. On the surface it’s an appealing idea – a bigger property with a better views – but it’s quite a stressful process and you’re never sure when, and if, its all going to complete. I’m all moved in now so don’t be a stranger, pop around and visit any time.