All The Dead Things

All The Dead Things

Only Stan Wisdom can see the Deathlings.

Only Stan Wisdom can see the deathlings.

Suddenly, they are everywhere. London’s streets are overrun by their rotting forms. The creatures are bloody, grotesque, lost, and worst of all, they’re looking for Stan.

The sadistic Sergeant Moses has broken time and now the same day loops endlessly for everyone except Stan and his pursuers. The deathlings want his soul, but Sergeant Moses wants to bury a secret Stan doesn’t even know he posses. A secret that could change the balance between the worlds of the living and the dead for eternity.

Stan must face the horrors of his past before he can defeat Sergeant Moses. Alone with all his secrets and all his fears - alone with all the dead things.

All The Dead Things is a young-adult, urban-fantasy; a suspenseful tour de force set in contemporary London.

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Series: Deathlings Chronicles, Book 1
Publisher: musingMonster Books
Length: Novel
ISBN: 1494366363
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