Dead Weapons

Dead Weapons

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Ciaran Richards’ father was a soldier. A hero. But now he’s dead. Or is he?

Ciaran has lost his way. He’s forgotten the boy he was and the man he wanted to become. Worst of all, he's betrayed his only true friend, Isobel, leading her to a tragic accident.

His estranged brother, Patrick, forces him to carry out one last job for his crew: collecting a stolen gun and delivering it to the gangster Eliza Frost. In return, Patrick reveals a startling secret: somebody faked their father's death.

When the gun malfunctions, fastening itself to Ciaran’s hand, he’s framed for the murder of two policemen and forced to go on the run. He searches for a way to remove the weapon and find his father, but the police, Eliza Frost and a black ops team of frighteningly modified soldiers are all hunting him and Isobel may be the only person who can help.

Dead Weapons is a young adult, urban fantasy; a story of father figures fair and foul, broken friendships and the fleeting possibility of redemption. More info →

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All The Dead Things

All The Dead Things

Series: Deathlings Chronicles, Book 1
Only Stan Wisdom can see the deathlings.

Suddenly, they are everywhere. London’s streets are overrun by their rotting forms. The creatures are bloody, grotesque, lost, and worst of all, they’re looking for Stan.

The sadistic Sergeant Moses has broken time and now the same day loops endlessly for everyone except Stan and his pursuers. The deathlings want his soul, but Sergeant Moses wants to bury a secret Stan doesn’t even know he posses. A secret that could change the balance between the worlds of the living and the dead for eternity.

Stan must face the horrors of his past before he can defeat Sergeant Moses. Alone with all his secrets and all his fears - alone with all the dead things.

All The Dead Things is a young-adult, urban-fantasy; a suspenseful tour de force set in contemporary London. More info →

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Scrimshaw, a novella

Scrimshaw, a novella

Series: Deathlings Chronicles, Book 2
"Welcome to Tuesday the 23rd of October, the day I'll kill my sister and start a war with the undead."

A family tragedy.

A boy haunted by guilt.

A village hiding a bloody secret.

Six years ago, something terrible happened to Tom. Now he must return to the scene of the tragedy and face the dark consequences of his actions. Only he stands between the village of Little Sickle and its annihilation by an army of vengeful, undead pirates.

Scrimshaw is a young adult, horror-fantasy; a tale of guilt, grief and redemption set in contemporary Cornwall. It will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes adventures in dark places. More info →

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